Fall in Seattle

It is beautiful in Seattle this fall. Thanks to the prolonged summer and warm weather the colors are unbelievably beautiful. I acquired a new camera, a Nikon D70S (digital SLR) which comes with a 2 lens package – a wide angle and a photo zoom. I am enjoying the camera so much clicking the beautiful colors. Check out the red, oranges and the greens. I took pictures around the house and on the beautiful Microsoft campus.
Check out the picture with the deer in the garden. We saw two deer outside our house this morning and after a bit of wandering on the street one of them decided to walk past our house and behind the garden. The back our house is a nature growth preserve – think of it as an undeveloped forest.
I hope you are all having a great time this time of the year. I am sure it is pleasant wherever you are!!
Take care and have a great time!!

One thought on “Fall in Seattle

  1. hi….i just created my space … n clicked to check out other spaces … wow…nicez pictures clicked …seem to be done wit a lot of …sincere feeling to visualize …tc..

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