Git, Heroku, rails and ruby!!

If you catch me sounding strange throwing around words like Git, Heroku, RubyonRails that’s because in preparing for an exec demo I have been messing with the exciting world of Rubyonrails (Ruby code running on Rails) and creating a Git (distributed source management) repsitory on Heroku (a hosting service for Git repositories).

I have my first rubyonrails app up and running here. Check it out. Nothing fancy. I didn’t even write the code but just used an existing sample to get a feel for how this works end to end.

The best part of this whole exercise and actually some what scary is I had absolutely no clue about any of these technologies couple days back and was able to get this up and running from scratch. I didn’t have to spend a penny other than number of hours debugging some ssh idiosyncracies and battling with network issues behind a firewall.  Thankfully there is plenty of information on the web and a very helpful community and blogosphere to learn from.

Amazed, Ram


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