Teaching tolerance

It is hard to not notice the conflicts across the globe that are defining (will define) what the world will look like for our children and future generations. One common theme that seems to run across all these conflicts – be it military initiated, due to popular raising or politically initiated – is a lack of tolerance. I think we need to teach our children tolerance as a core principle right from their childhood. They need to be taught that diversity (of people, thinking, ideas, tastes) is healthy for society and they should embrace it rather than feel threatened by some one who looks different than them or some thought process or idea that is foreign to them. Of course talk can only take us so far. We adults need to talk the talk and walk the walk by demonstrating tolerance ourselves. Let us act in a more tolerant and controlled manner and demonstrate that we care for each other irrespective of our origins, skin color, religion, philosophy, beliefs, etc.


One thought on “Teaching tolerance

  1. Bravo, Ram. More and more, it seems, tolerance is interpreted as weakness of conviction. This is a very worrisome trend and the only way to reverse it is to model tolerant behavior.

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