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Office and SkyDrive – what a combination!!

I am sure you have been in this situation before. You start editing a document at work on your desktop. After going home you want to access the document from your laptop but find it incredibly hard to get to the document on your desktop. You need to dial in or connect to your work network and hope and pray that 1) you can see your desktop and 2) you have setup appropriate permissions to access your document. I have been there, and had figured out some smart ways to work around this limitation, but any solution I came up with seemed to feel short of the ideal.

Until I discovered the magic of Office and SkyDrive!! The first step is to sign into SkyDrive with your Windows Live ID. If you don’t have a SkyDrive account, you can sign up for one easily at With OneNote, when you create a new notebook you can to store the notebook on the web so it can be accessed from any computer or browser. Give it a name and for the Web location, choose the Windows Live SkyDrive location. That is all the configuration you need to worry about!! When you add sections to your notebook it is automatically saved to SkyDrive and you can access it from any computer connected to the web. You can edit the same notebook from work, home or anywhere else. If you are connected to the web when you edit the notebook, it is synchronized with the SkyDrive version next time you connect. It is that simple.

I have been using this mechanism for a little over a year and am a happy camper. This shared editing experience is not limited to OneNote though. You can save your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc to SkyDrive and have them available from any computer connected to the web and have it automatically synchronized across the devices. What a breeze!!

Try it and let me know what you think.


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