Kudos to CNN 2010 hero Anuradha Koirala!!

Did you watch the CNN 2010 Heroes program on Thanksgiving? It was heart warming to see all the heroes recognized for their great work but the diminutive Anuradha Koirala took the cake and was nominated the CNN 2010 Hero!! Anuradha and her group “Maiti Nepal” rescues girls who have been trapped in sexual trafficking and offers them a stable home where they can become the independent girls and women they were supposed to have been.

Anuradha has rescued over 12,000 girls and women in the past 13 years since she has been involved in this effort. The only way to stop this horrendous practice is when men take a stand and stop paying money for sex. That is the best and only way to eliminate demand that the pimps are making a business out of.

You can get involved by visiting the Maiti Nepal website.

Cheers, Ram


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