Questioning citizenship of Obama, really??

Just saw an Anderson Cooper news coverage on CNN today and this really makes my blood boil. What a waste of human capital on a wasteful exercise of trying to prove somehow that Obama is a foreigner!! The birthers (http://birthers.org/) are leaving no stone unturned to prove something that has been disproven with a documented birth record from the state of Hawaii & whose authenticiy was verified by a non-partisan group.

Don’t we have enough legitimate problems to solve instead of wasting precious time and resources on a witch hunt?

Very disappointed, Ram


One thought on “Questioning citizenship of Obama, really??

  1. Anderson Cooper taking the time to actually answer or rebutt the Birther’s so called facts is exactly what is needed and I applaud him. Folks on the right and the left that broad brush every issue are the ones that are the problem. Name calling, accepting the most outrageous tales as fact and marginalizing others is creating a giant NOISE that drowns out reasoned arguments and the presetation of facts next to impossible. I appreciate those who, like Anderson, in this case, that expose nonsense. There is enough nonsense being propagated by (oops almost used knuckleheads) the ignorant or uninformed on both sides. We all want the facts to support our view, if the facts do not provide the evidence that what we believe is true we should abandon our errant view point.

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