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World AIDS Day 2010

Today is World Aids Day 2010. Please pledge here to help fight this scourge on mankind. I can’t believe it has been thirty years since the beginnings of this disease. The disease so far has claimed thirty million lives!! Larry Kramer who first sounded the alarm on AIDS is not too happy with Obama government’s inaction. While I am no judge of what Obama has or hasn’t done to fight AIDS I am most definitely encouraged by some positive news I heard on NPR this morning. NPR’s Richard Knox reports on a study in which 2500 men in six countries took a pill that prevented them from contracting AIDS. This is the first time such a study was done. He also talks about a study in which women who used a gel were able to protect themselves from sexually transmitted AIDS virus. Wow, these are most definitely very positive developments. I hope scientists make significant progress in the next decade to eliminate this disease.

A very hopeful, Ram


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